Monday, December 18, 2006


I have nothing to say. No thoughts, no feelings. Just air in and air out. I'm becoming a tv drone. Nothing is interesting. Food doesn't even taste good.

Does anyone else go through this phase? When will it end? Better yet, how?

Monday, December 11, 2006

Pissed off car update

I'm actually too pissed to type about it right now, I just realized...

It's not drivable so it has to be towed...AGAIN.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

70 "Weird Questions"

[1] What is your middle name?

[2] What color is your mailbox?

[3] Are you available?

[4] Have you ever hit a deer?
I've been in the vehicle that hit the deer.

[5] Do you have to drive over a bridge to get home?
Yes, over the LSU lakes

[7] Who checks the mail in your house.
me usually

[8] Do you have a small driveway?
not really

[9] Do you know anyone with the same ringtone as you?
no, mine goes BLAH BLAH BLAH, really loud!

[10] What do you do first in the morning
after i hit snooze a few times I turn on the news, make my coffee, uncover the birds and give all of the animals fresh food and water

[11] What brand is your printer?
I don't remember, it's in a box somewhere...piece of crap!

[12] Do you enjoy fighting with people?
no, i like everyone to automatically understand where i'm coming from

[13] Is your hair naturally straight or curly?

[16] Are you taller than your mother?
YES, me, my mom & my aunt were actually trying to figure out who's shortest at Thanksgiving!

[17] Do you have a favorite word?
right now i'm loving "FANTABULOUS"

[18] Are you good in school?
I did okay...I graduated...I was just so sick of it after going for so long...

[20] Do you enjoy writing in colored pens?
YES, i love COLOR

[21] Does anything hurt on your body right now?
I HAVE DAILY HEADACHES, usually they start from the moment I wake sucks

[22] Do you often cry during a movie?
I'm pretty emotional so, YES!

[25] Do you hate your life?
sometimes, sometimes not

[26] Do you get mad easily?
Yes, I have a low tolerance for ignorance

[27] Do you know anyone named Nikki?
I did in 6th grade...

[28] What is your biggest pet peeve?

[30] Do any of your friends have kids?
My baby sister does...most of my friends don't though. I don't think any of us are completely ready to grow up just yet!

[33] How many years older than you are you willing to date?
I've been in a serious relationsip with someone who was 8 years older. I was 19 when he was 27.

[34] Do you have any friends?
Not like I used to.

[35] Do you have any mean friends?
Hence the reason I keep my circle small...who needs enemies when you have mean friends?

[37] Have you ever liked someone who all your friends couldn't stand?
Oh, definitely!

[38] Have you ever felt like driving off a cliff, seriously?
Yes, I actually had considered that once upon a time...another time I almost did it by accident in Virginia in a U-Haul truck...SCARY!

[40] Do you itch your ears?
I don't "itch" them...I scratch them if they decide they feel like itching...sillies

[42] What brand are the jeans you're wearing right now?
I'm wearing pj shorts actually...I think they are brandless...if that's possible

[43] how long is your hair?
Pretty long...almost covers my tits!

[45] What is on your feet?
gym socks...i'm thinking about heading to the gym...maybe

[48] Do you want to have kids?
part of me does and part of me doesn''s scary to consider

[49] What is the brightest color you're wearing?
Red...i'm wearing my old Rotolo's work's so COZY!

[50] Who is the friend you have that you would never have expected to be friends with?
Currently noone fits that description, but in the past I developed a type of friendship with girls who were dating the same guy as the same time...there's nothing like calling a guy out together!

[55] Do you like your dad?
Umm...if I knew him I could answer this...Since he never gave a shit about the child he brought into this world and let suffer at the hands of so many I think I hate him actually.

[56] Do you have any TV shows on DVD?
That 70s show...I just can't get sick of it.

[57] Are you wearing makeup?
Umm...I actually still have yesterdays on...I know, it's not good for your skin, blah, blah, blah

[58] Do you have a tattoo?
A couple...I'm going to get more...this time I'M going to plan them out carefully and help design them!

[61.] Do you know how to draw?
I like making art, especially phototgraphy and painting...I can draw with a lot of effort...but I'm just too impatient!

[64] Who did you last IM?
I don't use IM anymore

[65.] Do you work a lot of hours?
I work 8-5 Monday through Friday...I used to think that's the kind of job I always wanted, but not anymore

[66] What do you do when you are stressed out?
Bitch about it

[67] Who was the last person that called you?

[68] Is there anything you regret?
There are things I look at in retrospect and see what I could have done differently...the only thing I can do, though, is learn from it and not make the same mistakes twice

[69] Do you know where your family name originated from?
Germany, I believe

[70] Is there an animal that creeps you out?
SHARKS...I have this horrible fear of them when I'm in the ocean. I once freaked out while snorkeling (Remember this Steph & Gus?) when I saw a dark object the size of a shark just beneath the water. I screamed and tried to run in the water (dumbass) until a guy yelled to me an showed me it was just a pair of jeans! I cried anyway.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Car has been found

I got a call today from the Baton Rouge Police Dept. saying the car has been recovered. It's in Assumption Parish in a town called Labadieville. Apparently it's 45 mins. away. They said the radio was missing and someone had used the spare tire. I guess they got a flat. For any of you who have read my blog for a long time, you'll remember that the same car had been broken into on Mardi Gras day in 2003 or was it 2004? Whichever. Anyway, someone had smashed the window in and attempted to steal the radio. The stupid idiots couldn't get it out. I wished they would have because it's been broken since I got the car. Now it's finally gone. Good Riddance non-working radio! You're more trouble than you're worth! If you live in Tigerland, get the hell out of there. It's just getting worse and worse. Both incidents happened there!

Now I've got to pay to get my car back. What kind of bullshit is that? They said I can't get it unless I pay the wrecking company. And to think, I had just changed my insurance down to liability so not a damn thing is covered. I'm selling that damn car. Any takers? Make me an offer. You know its history!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

This woman

I'm feeling forced into wisdom. I'm not sure how to accept it. I sometimes long for the days of ignorant adolescent bliss. I still dream about it.

Somewhere, deeper, though, I remember the emptiness of those days. Those days filled with going going going trying to stay away from myself. Staying up all night, constantly surrounded by "friends" keeping myself distracted and overextended.

I was always avoiding the reality of everything. Maybe it was a self-protective measure. Now, as life slows, I get to know this person inside. I respect her now. She is capable, strong, compassionate and yes, wise.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

My car was stolen UPDATE

My car was stolen UPDATE




Sunday, December 03, 2006

My car was stolen!

I allowed my brother the use of my car while he tried to save the money up to buy it from me. Now one of his loser people he picked up off of the streets, some crack head named Josh Jenkins stole it along with some of his other stuff (phone, cd plater, dvds/cds, playstation) are gone.

I filed a police report, but please, if anyone knows anything please help.

He is white, short dirty blonde hair, skinny, maybe 5'9" or 5'10" or so, 23 years old from baton rouge/plaquemine area.

The car: 1997 Green 2-door Saturn SC1. I will repost with the license plate number to morrow! It's LW or WEL or WL something. It is keyed down both sides & one of the key marks on the driver's sides looks almost like a swastika.

If you have any information, please e-mail me on here. I will be checking back regularly.

Peace & Love


Friday, December 01, 2006

Ouch and YES!

Aye...the pain. Where the hell did I get this excruciating earache from? The entire right side of my head, my cheek and scalp are so sore. I wish I could just go see a doctor. It always takes sooooo long waiting and waiting and for what? Just for them to give you some stupid medicine. I'd rather suffer and let the thing run its course than sit and wait.

I had an interview at an awesome place. I'll say where once I know for sure the outcome. I have a second interview next week. The Executive Director was the first person I saw when I walked in and started interviewing me in the lobby before I even met the actual interviewer. It was the most fun I've ever had at an interview. I just loved their questions.

AND if THAT doesn't work out it's okay because I have the exact business that I want to's right in front of my face now. I saw this woman on TV, featured on the morning news, looked up her number and called her and asked her what I needed to do to get her job. She was so happy to talk to me and tell me what I needed to do. It's just expensive for me to do right this minute. I was in the best mood for the rest of the day after talking to her. I'M SO EXCITED! It felt like I actually had something to look forward to career-wise!

I'm ready for change. I'm ready to do what I've always wanted to do with my life. I'm ready to step outside of the box...
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