Thursday, April 20, 2006

They want me to talk to a reporter

I got an interesting call yesterday on my cell right as I was leaving work...this guy Ben from the Katrina Accountability Project. He says I wrote a moving statement on a petition that I had signed once about not being able to attend college without financial aid. After he jogged my memory, he proceeded to ask me if I'd be willing to talk to a reporter. Apparently they are going after Richard Baker, a Louisiana Congressman who was all about raising interest rates on college loans and decreasing financial aid...not cool. Ironically, it was this congressman that helped me out once when I was in a bind!!! When I got injured at Officer Candidate School in Quantico, my Officer Selection Officer's Office (I know, I know) was dragging ass in getting me medical help and disability pay right after I returned home. Baker's office called who needed to be called in D.C. and got shit taken care of! That was him helping me out at a personal level, but I don't really know much about him at a political level...just that he's Republican...and I am SO NOT! Now I've got to look into this's about principle. I told the guy to send me more info. and I'd talk to a reporter, but I wanted to know more first.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Soooooooooo sick!

I watched my niece and nephew on Saturday and they were both sick. I was fine Sunday, but woke up with a sore throat on Monday. By lunchtime at work I felt the fever hit me like a ton of bricks. My boss told me to go home and take my temperature and to stay there if I was running a fever. I was. I tried to call in yesterday morning and noone was there!. I'm like, "what the hell" so I threw some clothes on and went in. About half an hour later my boss comes in and says oh, you can go home, I had the phones forwarded to Shreveport and Aubrey is coming in at 9. It would've been nice to be in the loop. Well, It's even worse today. I'm at a 101 degree fever and I feel YUCKY! Everything looks kindof distorted...I can barely make out the screen.

I woke up on the hour every hour all night. Maybe it's strep throat. Mike's taking off early to take me to the Dr. He's so sweet.

If this illness has me feeling this terrible. I can only imagine how bad my little niece and nephew must've been feeling!

LISTEN to the doctor Christine!

Well, yesterday, when I went to the doctor I found out that it's not strep throat, it's the flu. YUCKY! By the time I got home and took this awful medicine he prescribed I was at 102.9 degrees. He failed to tell me what the medicine would do to me! I kept wondering why he was pushing me to get this medicine for nausea and vomiting...I figured it out after I had taken the Tamiflu. I read the instructions and it said, "may cause naseau or vomiting". Why the hell didn't he just tell me that in the first place?! I had taken the syrup that is supposed to prevent it, but apparently it didn't work. That and the fact that I hadn't eaten anything in the past few days. I couldn't even sip beef broth through a straw because my throat hurt so bad! Well, needless to say, it all came up. I was ready to call the doctor and give him a piece of my mind!!! Instead, I couldn't move a muscle!

I woke up this morning drenched in sweat. I couldn't believe it! I slept all night last night and I felt so much better. Well, it still hurts to swallow. I took my temp. again. 99.6 degrees. I was thinking, man, I could probably go to work! Then I remembered what the doctor said, NOT TO! Well, I thought, I'll just leave it up to my boss. So I called his cell and told him how I was feeling and my temp. and he said "I know you're ready to get back to work, but I'd rather you wait til you had no fever at all" Damnit! I'm out of sick days already so I'm not getting paid anything for this week, which totally sucks. I decided to go out and weed my garden for a little while. I came back in and checked my temp. to see if i can get ready for work and, damnit, it's up to 101 freaking degrees!!! AAAAaaaaaarrrrrgggghhh!

A quickie poem

I see the images swirling
Flaunting themselves in my head
Millions of letters coming together
Forming and unforming
Words to be said.
I try to reach out
And grab them for sense.
At that moment they simply vanish.
With pen in hand,
I try to conjure them back
They taunt me and tease me
they swarm and slither
when I think I've won,
they POOF and disappear.
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