Saturday, July 30, 2005

Phase II of my life

I talked to my boss the other day and asked what they were going to offer me when I graduated. She says "$23,000, that's what we start everyone at," I think my jaw hit the floor. Was she joking? I rattled off my list of everything I've done for them for the past 4 months and what I had in store for them as well so she goes "Ok $24,000" like that made it all better. I didn't have my negotiating shoes on apparently or I would have realized I should have tried to go higher! Well that moment's lost now.

She asked me what my plans were with them and I told her point blank "to make money, so I want to be in sales". She said that I could definately do that and in the meantime do what I'm doing (which is basically a mix of corporate communications and marketing). You can check out my work if you want.

Go to this site and check out the copy, I wrote a majority of it. Mainly the Home page and the About Us page:

Industrial Welding Supply

Go to this site and check out the About Us, it's a condensed version of an article I had written and also check out the success story on the right side link, my first article about them and knowing NOTHING about the company at the time:

TNT Welding Supply
On the other hand though, all of the executive officers went to Denver, CO and just got back yesterday and told me that I was a topic of conversation at their meeting with "The Big Group" (which is a national coming together of all of these similar companies to share ideas) and they were arranging for MY future!!! I was surprised big time. Lori, my boss, told me that they were planning to do a lot of local training for me and then they were going to be sending me to train with The Big Group partners over the next year in places like Des Moines, IA, Seattle, WA, and Pittsburgh, PA.

I'll stop looking for another job now.

Saturday, July 02, 2005

poem inspired by a movie that just made me cry and look within

Mei the Wind"
Beauty Love Passion
A slow disintigration
Welcoming death
I am
I am not
A prophet
a fool
In tune
out of touch
the space between everything.
by Christine Schultz
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