Monday, October 23, 2006

Another new member of the family- Shiloh

We went to Petland on Saturday to find some bird companions for our parrot...instead we fell in love with a Siamese kitty that had been brought in earlier in the day. They said he was a year old, but he's way too little...he's probably more like 6 months. We thought he'd be a good boyfriend for our Himalayan...they can make babies together....chicachicababawn...they'll be adorable...that's if we can put up with him spraying...I saw that they put male cats in diapers...awesome.

We cancelled our plans to visit the Rip Van Winkle Gardens in New Iberia as a possible wedding location. It's a two-hour drive...we decided to find something in Baton Rouge. There's too many great places around here and we don't want to make people drive further than they have to.

Life is Goooooooooooooood. And the wedding countdown begins...

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Branches keep falling all around me...

Damn the weather. Went home for lunch yesterday and a HUGE branch was ripped off of one tree and standing straight up from the ground, but tangled in the branches of another tree. After work, I went home to Mike sawing away on it. I knew we should have gotten a chainsaw.

My boss has nicknamed me "The Branch Lady". This is the third one this year: 1st one fell on my house, then one fell on my car at work, and finally this one.

I'm becoming more content. Accepting my life for what it is...rather than what it isn't. My restlessness has been my enemy for too long.

I am not interested in being a Notary. Damn me for getting myself stuck with it now. My job has already paid for the test prep classes and books. I'm pretty much stuck with HAVING to TRY to pass that grueling 5-hour exam. I don't wanna. The deadline for my application is tomorrow. I really don't want to submit it. I'd rather take it in June instead of December. I don't want to waste anyones money. It's just so much to learn in too little time. I'm hoping they just forget about it. Yeah right. I'm screwed.

I'm realizing I can't commit myself to doing something unless I truly WANT it...not just want it, but want it with ALL OF MY BEING. I need to be passionate about it for it to get my time and energy. Otherwise...I'll procrastinate until I die.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

For the Greater Good

I was talking to a woman in my Notary class last night. This woman could be mistaken for an attorney because she knows SO MUCH about law. I was telling her about my job, complaining about my clients and such. She asked about my education and interests. She wanted to know what I was most interested in from my classes. My answer: PHILOSOPHY, but, I replied, where is the practicality in that? So I ended up in a bankruptcy law firm. Where is the greater good in this place? So many people flopping around, no eyes, ears, common sense...trying to get away with what they can. And I'm HELPING them. If I was the attorney, I'd discriminate! I'd only take the cases where there was a dire need...medical issues, a major catastrophe, something that put a normally hard-working, otherwise intelligent, good family in a bind. I WOULD NOT help these people who try to scam the system and waste our court system's time and resources. Maybe I'd be a poor attorney (financially speaking).

I want to work for the GREATER GOOD. I want my presence in the world to affect it in a positive way. I don't want to concentrate on the individual "trees" but, rather, the "forest".

Where do I belong???

Monday, October 02, 2006

Reasons to NOT write in this blog:

Wow! I realize it's been a while since I posted a blog. I go to do it and then think, what's the point, who reads these stupid things anyway? I guess that's not the point of them though. Not for me anyway, or at least, not all of the time. Sometimes I need to vent, or need a release for some uncontrollable excitement of good news, or whatever. I used to like to write; you know, like poems or something, but I haven't been inspired lately. I have important LIFE things to attend to. Wedding Planning, Notary Class, House-hunting, Car-Hunting, Giving my MAN the care and attention he needs, Giving my Animals the care and attention they need, Volunteering at Cat Haven, WORKWORKWORK, Taking Care of my Grandmother that noone ever goes to visit or gives a crap about (I want to get her a sitter, but can't afford it at all), Worrying about my brother and His MAJOR ISSUES, Worrying about my sister who is pregnant with BABY ..3, Worrying about my Aunt and my Cousin and their misfortunes, Wanting to have fun and adventures (but no time, no time), Working out at the gym to justify the mucho dinero spent monthly on my and my sister's membership cost, FIGURING OUT WHAT I WANT TO BE WHEN I GROW UP (STILL), Wishing I had time to just hang out with my friends the way I used to do (I MISS YOU GUYS). I wish I could just do ONE thing at a time and only worry about memememememememe! Unfortunately everyone needs to be taken care of, don't they?
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