Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Quite the Grip Dream

Dream: I'm at a gathering...we are outside at someone's house. It's a BBQ, maybe? There is a bonfire and people are hanging out and socializing. Seems I've visited this place before in another dream. I'm holding a glass (it looks like the glass that I use in my bathroom to hold my cotton balls and q-tips) and either I break it or it just breaks in my hand. Then I'm inside the kitchen of this house...I've broken another glass, this time it's the one I'm drinking from. A very well-dressed, distinguished-looking gentleman comes in. He's wearing something like a black suit, maybe with a red vest or tie...white or gray hair, and has a thin face with age lines. He could be a scholar or maybe a business man. I know he's very wise. I'm talking to him, apologizing and surprised by my clumsiness. I'm feeling foolish, embarrassed. I wonder (maybe out loud, maybe silently, but he hears me) why I keep doing this. In waking life,  years ago when I was just at drinking age in Ohio, if I was drinking alcohol from a glass, I often would drop it as my body and hands became very relaxed and it would break. I remember this similar feeling of being embarrassed at the same time of not caring too much because...whatever, I felt great! In the dream, the man assures me that it's okay and tells me that I have "quite the grip". I think the difference in the dream and the memory from waking life is that when I was younger, I was much more carefree and ignorant. Now I'm very cautious and have learned so much...I've got a much better grip on life than I did back then.

In the dream, I start pondering the dream's meaning. I'm wondering if he's saying that I have a strong grasp of things or if I'm gripping on to something too tightly that I'm breaking it. The man tells me that his grandfather used to tell him something. I try to remember what it was, but I can't. He showed me a lyrical poem on paper. The verse is in italics and the rest of the words above and below the verse is blurred out. I remember that it was an extremely significant and profound insight...both beautiful and enlightening. I remember that it was about life and learning. The word he used to describe the type of learning resonated so strongly with me that I wanted to wake myself up to write it down so that I could study it. I tell myself over and over again, "wake up, write it down, wake up, write it down." As I'm coming too, the words "Betty Crocker" "Betty Cook" keep repeating over and over and over and over again until I'm awake. I wake up, groggy, remembering the line I need to write down, but I can't bring myself to get up and write it down and fall back into dreaming. I convinced myself that I will remember everything in the morning and can write it down and investigate it further then. When I woke up, my mind blocked the profound word that described the type of learning the man told me about. The closest thing I could come up with was "metaphysical" learning or "esoteric" learning, but neither of those words are correct. The word was shorter and one that I don't remember reading about before.

Since I remembered the Betty Crocker Betty Cook line, I decided to look up "Betty Cook" since I don't remember ever hearing of her before. She was a world champion power boat racer who graduated from MIT.

Betty Crocker, to me, is about being a homemaker.

These two women sort of symbolize my life dilemma...being a wonderful wife & mother, but also trying to accomplish my dreams and become successful as an entrepreneur. One, a risk-taker, one a stable, reliable domesticated woman.

Another dilemma I face is not being able to let go for fear of losing control over myself and my life. I am immensely interested in studying the metaphysical and what happens to us when we die. Everything in this study requires you to let go of your beliefs in order to open yourself up to knowing beyond this world. It terrifies me. I have a fear of opening my mind too much and not being able to come back to my everyday life. I'm afraid of losing my mind and going insane, so I tiptoe around the edge of this realm, watching and studying from afar.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Big Dream Last Night-Chinese, Octopus, Sharks, Casino

I am standing on the levy/bank of the water. It's night. I see a commotion in the water. I see that there are sharks all swarming an area. Kind of in a frenzy, on the other side of the bank. There is a guy with our group, he's Chinese. He slides down to the ground right next to the river to do a pose. I want to tell him to stop, that he could fall in. He's doing a pose and I realize that people do these poses all over the place. Like planking...people doing these things for one another, maybe to show off? I look up at the sky and I see golden color formations. I look around and wonder if anyone else sees these. The are beautiful. One begins taking shape, it's an Octopus. I wake up for a minute and call it a Squid in my head, but asleep again, I see all of its flowing arms. I look back in the water and see the sharks which cause me alarm, but look up at the Octopus and feel tranquility. I am saying goodbye to my group. My friend Heather is there. We work on two different boats down the river. She's far away from me. I give the Chinese guys kisses goodbye on their lips. 

I'm walking through a giant big box store, looks like the workers are moving things around. I see all of their displays and store fixtures. 

Some info from the dream symbols:

Octopus - Octopus is a way-shower through the shadow.   I have very little water in my nature and octopus has come to me as a guide to help mediate that which is by nature my shadow.
The octopus has a built in defense system to guard against negative attack. She teaches us to guard against those negative persons and situations that might otherwise harm us. Octopus People often experience very emotional dreams as well as a lot of emotional healing through the Dream State. Finally octopus teaches us to approach all things not with the intent to destroy, but with universal love, strength, and faith.
  • Intelligence
  • Moving rapidly away from danger when needed
  • Proper use of smoke screens (ink) in evading enemies
  • Destroying negative barriers

Friday, August 23, 2013

Dream Alchemy

Strange dream from last night. Someone (a 15-year-old art teacher) told me to eat this plant called "Tipsy" and then I'd be able to see the "Shadow" when I ran in a I chewed it then forgot about it until Mike came in the room. Then everything started becoming dark. Looking up the plant on alchemy sites...the jagged, elongated leaves look similar to those of Vervain or Skullcap, but it was small and grew in clumps on the ground...kind of like a weed. I remember the taste of it and wanting to gag. I don't practice witchcraft or alchemy (I read about them), but I believe that we are taught things in our dreams so I pay attention! I did a google search and this interesting thing came up "Calea ternifolia, also known as Calea zacatechichi, Dream Herb, Leaf of God, and Bitter Grass, is a plant used by the indigenous Chontal of the Mexican state of Oaxaca for oneiromancy (a form of divination based on dreams.)" I've never heard of "oneiromancy" before.

Some links of interest:

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